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Since 1984, long before there were the few gyms that even existed, let alone employed trainers I started working with several people interested in getting in bodybuilding shows as competitors. At the time I was starting to compete myself and eventually by 1990 won several championship bodybuilding titles. Since this time the business has changed and we all hopefully have grown.

Along the way there have been (and are) a myriad of fads, "magic" supplements, diets etc etc. The media, magazines and Internet are flooded with information. Some good, some not so good, but the bottom line is that everyone has an opinion. The truth is, that nothing will work for everyone! That is why in my particular business I approach everyone as an individual. We start with the basics. I go over each person's wants, needs goals, time constraints fitness levels, health issues (if any) and formulate a very healthy, structured program for their wants and needs. I also do not mislead people into thinking they are going to be the next top professional competitor. The truth is, we can all make progress! This does not mean everyone can reach the stage as a physique competitor. To a large extent, what we are capable of is a result of genetics. How many of us or someone we know has had (and worked towards) aspirations of being the next NFL superstar, baseball star or even rock star! The truth is that some of us, no matter how hard we work will never reach that superstar status, but again, we can all improve, reach our personal best and live a healthy productive lifestyle.

Figure competitions - It has been Quite a few years now since the introduction of Women's Figure competitions. Since that time Women's Figure has exploded and now makes up 50+% of many physique competitions (and along with bikini competitors has become over 50+% of my business). This being the case I started the Pure Novice Divisions in Men's Bodybuilding and Women's Figure for 1st time competitors. This offers an entry level division for people starting to compete without the pressure of competing against many seasoned competitors.

The bottom line - If you are interested in being the best you can be and making all of your efforts count, contact me for additional info. I use no contracts of any kind so you are not bound by anything. I am almost always booked with clients, so I never get someone scheduled for an appointment unless needed or by the client's request. Basically, I try to maximize your potential in every facet of your effort(s), and I think you will find that our programs are not nearly as complicated or expensive as you might think. The programs are completely explained and the exercise and nutrition programs are very exacting and printed for you so there is no guess work. Oh, and yes, I practice what I preach!

I always like to speak to a new potential client to be sure I am a good fit for your needs. Feel free to call anytime, if I miss your call please leave your contact info and a good time to call (9AM - 6PM) Contact Rick

Personalized Plans

No two people are the same. We will work together to come up with a plan for you to achieve your goals.